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Gullible Warming


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Gullible Warming
“Global Warming is going to kill us all!”

“Climate change is the greatest threat to our national security, in our lifetime!”

“Hey someone with a gun (not a liberal, of coarse) shoot that cow, I think I heard it fart and I’m struggling to breath over here!”

“We need to monitor how much people are exhaling in their daily lives, those plants are growing way too fast!”

If all this craziness sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry, for you heavy breathers, and owners of flatulent prone cattle, you can purchase your carbon offset credits over at the “We are smarter than you, so give us all your hard earned money, so we can continue to screw you over and control your life” store today for the low, low price of “everything you just earned”.

Control, control, control, that’s all they want. You know, someone else once wanted to control the world and he used a propagandist named Joseph Goebbels who famously said, “if you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Mr. Goebbels was Hitler’s marketing guy and what a great job of marketing he did.

So don’t be Gullible and believe everything you hear when it comes to all this climate hype and warn others with this awesome public announcement T-shirt.

CAUTION: Wear this shirt at your own risk, the “smarter than you, crowd” may try to have you arrested for being a science denier.
Just kidding…kind of, well maybe, no seriously, we’re just being serious.

Product Material
Combed ring-spun 50% cotton/50% polyester fabric
Heathered fabric has a vintage soft hand.

Made in USA

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